Gay John, Brian Duffy & Greg Hanes at Cum Clubbing (image Nick Hynan, 2010)

During the summer of 2009, Trevor Pitt took a subjective journey through his formative years in Birmingham (1971- 1999), examining the spaces where popular culture fraternizes with the canonical world of art. Using the pod at VIVID as a project space, Pitt embarked upon a cartographic venture in which he traced his flirtations with pop, punk, film, art and cultural theory, and charted his personal trajectory from council estate suedehead to disco speed freak, via Hawkwind and Althusser.


Working with artist Shelli Graham, Pitt created a series of editions made in response to the Sleeve Notes Sessions, 2009.


In 2010 he devised and curated a trio of club events that began with Cum Clubbing, an art party inspired by Gay Jon and the colourful club nights of Birmingham's underground scenes in the 1980s. This followed with GET BENT! an eccentric club night inspired by pop culture’s affection for gender-bending.


The trio culminated at The Garage, VIVID, with the final act of his club trilogy BANG! BANG! 


For the final act in his Sleeve Notes project Trevor Pitt has invited artists and musicians from Birmingham to become part of his art-rock band Trevor and The D.


In collaboration with artist and musican Brian Duffy,  he will reinterpret a selection of songs that he wrote in his bedroom during his teens and recorded onto a series of tape cassesttes.


The tapes have been digitally remastered and four of the songs will be re-scored and recorded in Duffy's studio and played by Trevor and The D at a one-off performance in April 2013.


'This Is Your Tomorrow' will be released as a vinyl EP edition of 250 copies.


*Sleeve notes, the writings found inserted into the packaging of many vinyl records, gave those curious enough to investigate the influences of their favourite bands a pathway to a parallel universe - a world inhabited by visual artists, poets, philosophers, and writers whom they might not have otherwise encountered.