About Trevor Pitt

An artist-curator based in Birmingham who has been devising projects in galleries and the public sphere for over 15 years. My work emerges from the social and cultural context within which they are produced and I adopt a spectrum of collaborative strategies and methods of enquiry.  Projects span  from responding to a social, spatial, historical context and  sets out to invoke curiosity and questioning about the given situation. 


Projects involve collaborating with others as active agents in the making of the work and the ‘making of meaning’. Although my practice is fundamentally that of an artist I work as a curator, commissioner and a researcher dependent on the nature of the ‘role’ I take within the dynamic of the project.


I’m interested in projrcts that:

  • makes the connections between art and society
  • explores relationships between projects in the public sphere and the gallery
  • values participants and audiences as intrinsic and active collaborators
  • raises questions about notions of ‘authorship’
  • encourages openness and transparency in planning and actions
  • situates art in everyday life and situations
  • draws on personal experiences

In 2007 I initiated POD Projects as a platform for my collaboarative ventures and in 2012 set up A3 Project Space with artist Oliver C Jones.